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Featured Rated Annuity Program

  • Bonus Index Annuity With 12% Bonus Paid Over 3 Years or 10% Up Front
  • Income Rider 7% Rollup Rate
  • 8.5% MGA Commission
  • Income Rider with Spousal Continuation
  • Income Rider Available At Any Age At Issue
  • Roll-Up Period: Up To 20 Years
  • Income Rider Annual Fee: 50 Basis Points

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Got Marketing Dollars?

$10 million producer gets over $150k in Marketing Bonuses in 2012

We have built the MOST AGGRESSIVE marketing plan to put the most amounts of marketing credits and commissions in your pocket, while keeping you INDEPENDENT! We give back as much as 80% of what we make BACK TO THE AGENT.

With marketing bonuses starting at $1.2 million dollars in production, our contracts provide producers as much as $15,000 in marketing bonuses and up to $10,000 in extra compensation for every $1 million in production! That breaks down to as much as $1,500 in marketing compensation and $1,000 in personal compensation for every $100k of business.

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